The Best Thing Under The Sun

American 80 and 120-gallon indirect solar booster water heaters are specially designed for installation as part of a closed loop solar water heating system. They provide an energy-efficient supplementary source of water heating power and hot water storage to help maintain consistent water temperature during periods when the solar components cannot keep up with system demands. Rely on American for products that provide hot water solutions for residential renewable-energy applications.

Solar unit
More Products from American Water Heaters

The American High Efficiency Gas Water Heater provides the ideal blend of high efficiency and easy installation.

high Efficiency Gas units

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A new advanced hybrid electric design integrates heat pump technology to produce a product that is twice as efficient as a standard electric water heater.

Hybrid Electric Units

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American combines the best attributes of conventional and tankless technologies to provide the best of both worlds in the new American Hybrid Gas Water Heater.

Hybrid Gas Unit

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The high efficiency and quiet operation of the PolarisĀ® Water Heater embodies what is great about the American brand.

Polaris unit

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